Name: Samur
Clan: None, but I have the dream that some day it will be NNN!
Date of birth: 10/05/1981
Location: Portugal
Timezone: GMT +1 (summer) / GMT (winter)
MSN: samur_WA[AT]
ICQ: none
Skype: none
Playing time: almost every week days, after 21h.
Favorite scheme: Intermediate and NNN league scheme
Preffered map type: dunno
Can host? yes, with wormnat! (Thanks Rafka!)
Started to play offline: long time ago. I'm so old that I can't remember!
Started to play online: After very long time of played offline (many many years). I remember a few months ago (last Junne/begin Jully) that maybe, this game online could be very fun! Guess I was right!
Tourneys won: none! I'm a newb and dunky slow learner!
CWT History: I'm writting this to play for the 1st time
English knowledge: "more or less" belong to average, isn't it?!
Favourite movie: Fight club! (Fuck the luxury! - We don't should be slaves of our objects!)
Favourite book: 1984 - George Orwell
Favourite food: "Francesinha" if you don't know, go to some Oporto snack (I'm from Lisbon) and ask for it! It will change ur life!
Favourite drink: Watter!
I'm new here but, in NNN community it seems to have a very friendly and nice mates! They are giving lot of advices when I'm playing with they. I hoppe some day I'll do the same thing whith other newcomers. It would mean that I improve a lot and the WA continue an active game. I wish some day, be part of NNN clan and win some games against top players of that community.