Name: Mattekalle
Clan: AzaD
Date of birth: 20.05.1981
Location: Borås, Sweden
Timezone: GMT+1 (GMT+2 summer time)
Email: karlander.mattias[a]
MSN: mattias.karlander2[a]
ICQ: none
Skype: mattekalle (mostly I use msn)
Playing time: Evenings on almost every weekday. Start time from 18 to 22. Weekends are more unsure, but sundays are almost always better then saturdays. The evenings are the best for sundays also. On saturdays the day are better. The only exception that I know of is that Im not able to play until 21.30 on the 28th of october.
Favorite scheme: t17, League-Intermediate (the one on NNNs homepage)
Preffered map type: two levelled cawe for t17, open for intermediate
Can host? Yes
Started to play offline: 1994
Started to play online: 1999
Tourneys won: none
CWT History: Only participated in one cwt I think.
English knowledge: Average
Favourite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favourite book: none
Favourite food: Taco, Pizza
Favourite drink: Water, Beer
I think worms is the best game of all time. This is the only game that I come back to again and again. Before I liked to play a lot of games but now days I find myself not being able to enjoy new games for more then a few minutes. Just some month ago I rediscovered WA. Before that I have been playing WWP since it came. I have been doing that in the belief that it was the most updated and overall the best worms game. I now know that I was wrong. I really like the community and the new updates that have been done to WA. This game must never die! My playingstyle is light (as an opposite to defensive). My skills is okey in t17 and mabye a bit lower in intermediate. Now days Im playing a lot of games to improve my intermediate skills.