Name: Worldmaster
Clan: NNN
Date of birth: 10.October.1983
Location: Skoje, R.Macedonia
Timezone: GMT +1
MSN: same as mail, look up
ICQ: nope
Skype: alfa hajmer (but I use it once in a lifetime)
Playing time: usually U can find me 14-20 GMT or more likely 00-04 GMT
Favorite scheme: NNN-Luckless/Like CWT scheme more and more(until I lose my first game because of cr8 luck) (copy-pasted Joschi )
Preffered map type: all compicated and tactical maps, no matter caves or isls
Can host? yes
Started to play offline: 1990- playing since Worms 2 but not active and noobishly with only 2 friends
Started to play online: November 2006
Tourneys won: TuT Intermediate tourney
CWT History: this is my rookie cwt season, with hopes to go in final... and lose to Jonny as decent as I can 1/4 final at the moment
English knowledge: average
Favourite movie: Fight Club, Swardfish, American History X, Notebook, and many many more.....
Favourite book: like Dostoevski's stile a lot
Favourite food: Becka's snicells and fries, safty meals and the green food Popaj the saylor eats (spanach on english??)
Favourite drink: Votka with 1 piece of ice and several limon slices, natural home made squezzed juices, sprite
a)I'LL DESCRIBE THIS GAME, NOT LIKE PLAYING THE WORMS, THAN LIKE PLAYING THE PLAYER!!! b)It teaches U to think fast and get used to quickly changed situaions. I like perfectness, so like to see a combination of skilled plays, well timed playes, nice hides and patiance and calm plays true regular time and especially at SD. c)I like all my friends in the worms community (NNN-ers and other friendly people). Getting fun with all of U, and chatting with many of U, is makeing my free time not waisted )) d)wishes: I wish only 1 thing- everytime I come to ag, not to see that we are less everytime I came, than to see all of U there play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4... play with pros, play with friend, chat, lough a lot... I wish this to everyone!!!