Name: Tade
Clan: RaW (rwa and wkfb)
Date of birth: 13.01.1986
Location: Split, CROATIA
Timezone: GMT +2
Email: mario.tadin1@st.t-com.hr
MSN: mario.tadin1@st.t-com.hr
ICQ: no
Skype: no
Playing time: 16-24 mostly
Favorite scheme: NNN-luckless
Preffered map type: open
Can host? yes
Started to play offline: 1999, but short played then
Started to play online: 2008 newcomer
Tourneys won: played only on fni (2 times wfw) intermediate nothing
CWT History: My first year
English knowledge: average
Favourite movie: The shawshenk redemption, Saw 1
Favourite book: dunno
Favourite food: pizza and cevapi
Favourite drink: beer, coca-cola
hmm, i start to play worms on line this year after i broke my leg and to be true i didn't expect that this game is so brilliant. So many situations to throw your keyboard in wall, and so many when you are thrilled.... in game i try to think a lot but my bran is small still I hope i will play a lot good games this year...