Name: Rafka
Clan: RaW
Date of birth: 9.12.1984
Location: Stalowa Wola, Poland
Timezone: GMT + 2h
Email: raacz@wp.pl
MSN: PoDRafka2008@hotmail.com
ICQ: ---
Skype: ---
Playing time: usually at evenings & late evenings
Favorite scheme: inter NNN-Luckless & Elite
Preffered map type: open and caves
Can host? yes
Started to play offline: hmmm dont remember but several years ago for sure
Started to play online: 2007
Tourneys won: 23-rd NNN normal tourney, 27 times normal tourney on FTM and twice Elite tourney on FTM
CWT History: 2008 - stage group
English knowledge: average/excellent
Favourite movie: Friday 13th, Identity, Walker - Texas Ranger
Favourite book: Chuck Norris - against all odds
Favourite food: pizza, chips, chocolate
Favourite drink: Reds with my crew ;p
About myself I wont say anything cause every1 of You guys have Your own opinion, but about comunity I think its getting better and better in the world of Worms For me worms is not just a game, its some kind of lifestyle, important part of my life.