Name: Lales
Clan: noone
Date of birth: 2.12.84
Location: Granada,Andalucia,Spain
Timezone: GMT +1
ICQ: no
Skype: lales71
Playing time: 15.30 to 17.30 GMT 21.30 to 23.30 GMTweekends .... depends the party of the day before
Favorite scheme: elite,intermediate,bungee race,hysteria,wxw,fly
Preffered map type: nvm, like Bytor said to me: ppl always blame to map, they dont like to recognize his inexperience
Can host? yes
Started to play offline: 1998
Started to play online: Christmas 2004, someone did me a gift: WWP game
Tourneys won: some medals in WO 2008-2009, but id never win a great tourney
CWT History: last year i lost in 1st round, but i learn a little, ty WorldMaster
English knowledge: little average
Favourite movie: Trainspoting
Favourite book: The Odyssey - Homero
Favourite food: ham & cheese with a nice wine
Favourite drink: coca-cola rum with cola weekends
Worms is a very addicted game, i love it !! there r a lot of schemes in worms but i think ppl who created game dont imagine that game will be so playable, rope games dont need to use ur brain in excess , normal game was the objective of this game ^^ ppl in Wnet undervalue normal players ( fu normal, ill host a rope game lol ), i hope this "thinking" will change with tourneys and leagues like CWT & NNN ( ty admins ) well, i like to play fairly and im not a darksider, i like to attack more than expecting other player hit my "littles" worms ty 4 all & greetings from Spain