Name: Kilobyte
Clan: Normal No Noobs (NNN)
Date of birth:  
Location: Hungary
Timezone: GMT +2
Email: kilobyte[AT]freemail[DOT]hu
MSN: kilobyte[AT]freemail[DOT]hu
Skype: I have, but I dont use
Playing time: nobody knows. When Im at home, mornings. Evenings mostly
Favorite scheme: Intermediate
Preffered map type: I dont want to talk about it, because my opponents will chose its opposit :P
Can host? yes
Started to play offline: september of 2001
Started to play online: februar of 2006
Tourneys won:  
CWT History: 2008: second round
English knowledge: average
Favourite movie: Police Story 1-2, Oscar
Favourite book:  
Favourite food: spagetti, pizza, fish, fried chicken
Favourite drink: red wine, peach
More than a game. Its a real board game. Much better than any FPS. With different nations, different people.... great place for open minded people, and its an cohesion community. Im allways looking forward to get know more and more people. My skill hasnt improved much compared to a year ago, since I dont take it serious anymore.