Name: Johnmir
Date of birth: 04.03.86
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Timezone: GMT +4
Email: johnmir[AT]
MSN: johnmir[AT]
ICQ: 208291340
Skype: johnmir
Playing time: Monday, Wednesday 15.00 - 20.00 GMT Tuesday, Thirsday, Friday 18.00 - 20.00 GMT Saturday 13.00 - 20.00 GMT Sunday depends on situationI always has msn turned on if my PC is on.
Favorite scheme: intermediate, rope race, tower race, wxw, battle race, bungee race, super sheep race, golf, boom race, surf (!)
Preffered map type: open/cave - like both type's
Can host? yes
Started to play offline: 2000/TD>
Started to play online: 2003
Tourneys won: I don't remember exactly, i need to see NNN forum for it
CWT History: 2006: final (Dario 1-3) 2007: 1/2 final (Dario 2-3)
English knowledge: average
Favourite movie: Vanilla sky, Tell noone
Favourite book: Montezuma's daughter
Favourite food: Shashlik, cheese, melon, cherry, crisps
Favourite drink: Coca cola, cherry juice, milk
Worms for me : 1. Is a sport. A lot of exciting games, challenges, hard wins and dramatic losses. 2. Is a brain trainer. We can train our brain here, and a key to be the winner is to think faster and wider then your opponent. All depends on your brain and skills, that’s nice. 3. Is a place where I got a lot of good friends. In spite of I can’t meet them on the street of my city these people changed my life, they taught me a lot. I have a lot of situations in worms which I met later in real life and I knew what to do. So I can call worms community as a school of relationship. I met a lot of interesting people here with different characters from different countries. I can say our community is a group of intelligent and clever people, it is a honor to be a part of this company. About my playing style and spirit aspects. I prefer to play aggressive style, it is nice to kill opponent fast if it is possible (SD luck is not for me ). I don’t like “lightsiding/darksiding” talking – there is an optimal strategy in every game, especially in worms. So if we talk about pro playing we talk about optimal strategy. Some of my principles: 1. Respect your opponent 2. If you came to play a match, you came to win 3. Everything is in your hands, noone can stop you if you know what to do and you can get this knowledge 4. You always have a chance, so play to the end 5. If you played dirty, you lost the game (result doesn’t count) 6. You are the best - if you are really the best, a win doesn’t make you the best - it makes you a winner