Name: Jigsaw
Clan: NNN
Date of birth: 17.11.1983
Location: Białystok, Poland
Timezone: GMT +1
Email: lukexs@o2.pl
MSN: lukexs@o2.pl
ICQ: nope
Skype: alternativepl (I don't use it at all)
Playing time: afternoons and evenings
Favorite scheme: mostly inter nowadays, but also elite/t17, bng, roper
Preffered map type: complicated open or cave
Can host? full hostability
Started to play offline: 1998 when I got WA for PSX
Started to play online: January 2002
Tourneys won: 2x CWT, 2x NNN singles, 1x NNN 2vs2 and a bunch of other tourneys mostly BnG's but also elites, t17, pro and... shopper!
CWT History: 2003: 1st place 2004: 1st place 2006: 3rd place 2007: 2nd place
English knowledge: yes, I speak ;-)
Favourite movie: V for Vendetta, Jacob's Ladder, Dark City, The Prestige, Shawshank Redemption
Favourite book: cooking book
Favourite food: chili con carne! mexican and indian cuisine in general
Favourite drink: alcoholic: beer, ale; non-alcoholic: carrot-banana juice, coffee!
I loved the idea of this game from the time I saw worms 2 maaaany years ago, then when I got computer and internet connection it was the first game I wanted to play online! As for my skills - they are very unsteady, I'm a casual player nowadays but I can't say I'm not trying to play at my best. The community of inter players is much wider than it used to be, and the competition level is significantly greater than few years ago, good going community! ;-)