Name: Jakka
Clan: NNN
Date of birth: 31.01.1985
Location: Albersdorf, Schleswig - Holstein, Germany // originally from Omsk/Russia
Timezone: GMT +2
Email: gi-jakka[at]hotmail[dot]de
MSN: gi-jakka[at]hotmail[dot]de
ICQ: 370-579-001
Skype: gi-jakka
Playing time: Mostly when I'm on MSN
Favorite scheme: Inter, Elite, BnG and TTRR
Preffered map type:
Can host? yes
Started to play offline: Summer 2005
Started to play online: Fall 2005
Tourneys won: What tournaments are meant NNN? If all of the tourneys I ever won then the list would be huge
CWT History: This is my CWT debut
English knowledge: Average
Favourite movie: I'm watching movies daily and have alot of favaourites.
Favourite book: dunno
Favourite food: pizza
Favourite drink: beer
[a bit later to come]