Name: Haxen
Clan: None =P
Date of birth: 23/3/1993
Location: Iceland
Timezone: GMT 0 or GMT 1+ not sure oO
Email: Svanberg_mar@yahoo.com
MSN: Svanberg_mar@yahoo.com
ICQ: Don't have a icq
Skype: Mr. 22
Playing time: Well i'm almost always on msn and i'm able to play most of the day when i'm not asleep
Favorite scheme: NNN luckless (damn crates! )
Preffered map type: Cave
Can host? Hmm probably average? i'd have to guess
Started to play offline: I started playing worms offline 2004
Started to play online: 2005
Tourneys won: Lol i don't think i ever won a tournament, although i've not participated in many off them =P
CWT History: Never played CWT
English knowledge: Hmm probably average? i'd have to guess
Favourite movie: Anchorman - Ron Burgundy is EPIC! also i loved Lord of the Rings series
Favourite book: hmm i don't really read books anymore, although i read Harry Potter when younger so that'd probably be my favourite book series
Favourite food: Pizza... oh yeah.. pizza is godlike
Favourite drink: Pepsi Max&Coke
I don't think about worms as a game, i think about it as a lifestyle ^^ worms is simply awesome. my skills? well imo i'm well skilled and a good player but not a pro tho =P The Worming community... what to say? well i think it's overall a group of nice&intelligent people (i am an expection, i am most deffinetly not intelligent ) and i'm thrilled for being able to play with such people =P